What Is CBD Gum Good For?

What chewing CBD gum is good for

CBD is one of the components of marijuana which is known for the calming properties. However, it is not responsible for the ‘high’ feeling people get and does not drastically alter your cognitive abilities like marijuana can. So, what is CBD gum good for?

While it doesn’t make you feel high, CBD does come with its own host of advantages, especially in chewing gum. This method means that it can enter your bloodstream in a quick and effective manner, delivering the intended rewards all around your body.

What can CBD help with?

While every effort goes into the flavourings of CBD gum, it is safe to say that people don’t use it just because it is tasty. The potential benefits of the cannabinoid is why people are so interested in CBD products, but what exactly are they?

Anxiety, depression and PTSD

Some studies have shown that CBD can help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD. This is because it works towards reducing stresses and can leave the user with an overall calmness.

CBD should not replace directions from a healthcare professional but can be a beneficial addition

Joint pain

If you are living with arthritis, or any general joint pain, CBD gum may be able to help you with this. A study has shown that CBD may contribute to relieving joint pain (especially pain associated with osteoarthritis) and some instances of joint inflammation.


A lot of people have trouble with their sleeping schedules, so much so that Bupa suggests that over a third of UK citizens suffer from insomnia. Early studies have shown that CBD can help to reduce the number of events relating to REM sleep behaviour disorder, meaning that you are more likely to sleep undisturbed.

Heart health

CBD is being tested to see the benefits it can have on your circulatory system. High blood pressure can result in a number of different heart conditions, such as strokes and heart attacks.

Recent studies have been carried out to explore the positive effects of CBD on blood pressure, thus helping to prevent a range of heart diseases.

Why choose CBD gum

When you chew CBD gum, you absorb some of the cannabinoids through your saliva, as well as swallowing them. This means they travel down to your stomach where it is oxidised and released into your bloodstream.

This method is often quicker and more effective than using topical creams or vaping pens that contain CBD.