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From left to right, Dr. Vince Cavaliere, Dr. Simon Slaffer, Dr. Simon Petrides, Dr. Peter Skew and Dr. John Tanner.

The BIMM team setting off for single track cliff paths immediately by their hotel on the north coast of Jersey. Dr. Simon Slaffer, Jersey specialist in musculoskeletal medicine who led the group, was impressed by the physical fitness of the visiting specialists. "The mountain biking here is tough and as technically demanding as anywhere. These doctors obviously have a good insight into the problems of their patients".

Get Them While They're Young
Dr. Janet Porter has just started a three year post at St. Georges Hospital Medical School, charged with developing a curriculum for teaching clinical examination and other practical skills to undergraduates. She has chosen to start the improvement programme with the musculoskeletal medicine module on which practical teaching skills is non-existent and even the students recognise their training needs. She is short of suitable tutors for practical sessions. Are there any BIMM members in the area who are prepared to offer 2 or 3 afternoons a year (paid, but not much) to help?

Contact Dr. Janet Porter on 0208 725 2631 or e.mail to jporter@sghms.ac.uk

3rd & 4th February 2001
Cervical Spine & Shoulder
Pain Management
(Including Injection Therapy)
Gloucester Royal Hospital
PGEA approval

28th & 29th April 2001
Lumbar Spine
Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham
Details from Secretariat

Salisbury / Southampton - Modules A,B,&C
The course contains three study weeks, which together cover much of
the syllabus for the Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine of the Society
of Apothecaries of London. Details of the diploma are available from
The course is designed to enable the doctor to make a confident
of the common musculoskeletal conditions occurring in practice, with
a minimum of expense and time consuming investigations, and then to
initiate active treatment without recourse to specialist services.

Workshops to practice examination techniques are interspersed with
didactic sessions and small clinics.
At present this course is only held in the South but with time it
will also be available in London and the North of England.

Injection Therapies
This course covers the latest practices in injection / dry needling therapies. Including Epidural, Prolotherapy and Facets Joint. Designed to update those already using the technique and basic instruction for general practitioners wishing to introduce the techniques into primary care.

Gloucester Courses
These weekend courses are aimed at those with some manipulative experience, and those doctors intending to specialise in the area. It offers examination and practical training.

34 The Avenue
Watford, Herts. WD17 4AH
24hr. Phone/Fax: 01923 220999

e.mail: info@bimm.org.uk

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