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Vol. 5. Issue 3 page 3


Jersey Conference
The autumn conference of BIMM was hosted by Jersey members over the weekend of 7th October. It was attended by a healthy number of UK BIMM members plus some local GP's and physiotherapists. Despite an excellent location with mesmeric views seaward towards the Coetin peninsula the delegates knuckled down to an exciting and varied programme of lectures and demonstrations. The Jersey contribution to the conference came from Dr. Carl Clinton speaking on the differential diagnosis of shin pain and, in particular, the investigation and treatment of shin splints. Mr. Paul Le Verdier, a sports masseur, contributed a demonstration of his art and the context of which massage can be utilised. A Pilate demonstration was also organised. Simon Petrides assured me that this technique is the future for back rehabilitation - I, and others, remained to be convinced. High-tech physiotherapist Paul Deveney stimulated us all with the physiology of eccentric and concentric muscle contraction and the merits and demerits of pre exercise muscle stretching. His isokenetic machinery was very impressive. Paul emphasised that this therapy is the final stage of muscle rehabilitation following injury and so need not be considered as a 'must have' for every musculoskeletal physician. UK contribution came from Dr. Peter Skew with the interface between musculoskeletal and occupational l medicine. Dr. John Tanner gave us more rehabilitation principles and Dr. Mike Allen, a consultant in sports medicine, contributed a stimulating lecture on the mechanical pathology of the ankle and its treatment. As a collection of practitioners who think mechanistically it was a delight to hear a talk from Dr. Brian Marien, clinical psychologist from Midhurst discussing the role of the brain, anxiety and depression to the perception of pain. her offered a refreshing, digestible approach and encouraged us all to enquire about underlying psychological clues contributing or perpetuating chronic somatic symptoms including pain.

The conference dinner took place at La mare Vineyards where a wine tasting of six varieties took place followed by and excellent cooked meal. Wines and digestif could be enjoyed in the safe knowledge of the bus trip home.Recreational activities were not only confined to food and drink. An intrepid party took to mountain bikes over the cliff paths in heavy rain. Injuries were minor. As is commonly the case with these events the greatest value perhaps comes from the exchange of experiences and ideas away from the formal activities of the event.  

Reported by Dr. Guy Wildy.


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