July 2002

Treasurer’s Report

Unfortunately finances are still not in a healthy state due to our continuing need to fund the day to day activities of the organisation out of subscriptions.

A lot of drug company sponsorship has dried up and we are having difficulty funding those areas, which should be self financing (meetings, courses and modules).

The Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine needs a guarantee of future income if it is to move forward in association with Elsevier, and unfortunately we cannot commit to this at present.

We are going to have to find an extra £10,000 a year if we are to break even and I will therefore have to ask members to bear an increase of £15-£30 a year subscriptions depending on level of membership (as was discussed and sanctioned at the AGM). This should be easier to swallow (and we will be saving costs) if members sign up to the direct debit scheme, which we will be launching shortly. For those who like to pay by cheque-that’s fine but consider the convenience to yourself and cost savings for BIMM of switching to direct debit!

For those who already pay by standing order it will be very simple to change
to direct debit and you will be hearing from Deena soon.

Thanks very much for your help and forbearance in difficult financial times!

Simon Harley

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